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Coral Copper Brown

Coral Copper Brown

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BUY 1 Set GET a bottle of hydrogen peroxide & a set of hair coloring tools for FREE.


The color will be different after dyeing due to different hair base tone(for example it can show smoke gray in lighter hair). The lighter the base tone, the more vivid the effect. (Lasting for 3 to 6 months) 

Perfectly and Naturally Cover Gray Hair.

  Safe to use

– Professional formula (safe, non-toxic, harmless, no ammonia)

- Dermatologist tested, damage-free to hair

– Vivid shades with an amazing color payoff

– An ultimate vibrancy that lasts

– Quick and easy to apply


Size: Pack of 1

Color:Please select your favorite hair color from the options above

Net Weight: 100ml


  How To Dye Your Hair With Semi-Permanent Hair Color

What You Need

》Semi Permanent hair dye (Get more packs if you have long hair)

Hair brush (Will be free gift for you)

Rubber gloves  (Will be free gift for you)

Bowl  (Will be free gift for you)




What To Do

Step #1: Protect Your Skin

To avoid staining your forehead, cheeks, and neck, apply a thick layer of petroleum jelly to any areas that may come into contact with your hair or the dye.

Step #2: Section Your Hair

Next, section your mane. Split your hair into smaller, more manageable sections.

Step #3: Mix Your Color

Follow the instructions included with your semi permanent hair color kit to mix your hair dye. Extrude hair dye paste+hydrogen peroxide, stir it evenly in 1:1 ratio, and then comb it evenly on the hair immediately.This is also a good time to put on a pair of rubber gloves to protect your hands.

Step #4: Apply Your Hair Dye

Apply the color as instructed, working section by section.  After combing, wait for 30 minutes (if the room temperature is lower than 25 degrees, it can be heated appropriately). The waiting time can be determined according to the degree of hair discoloration,please do not over 1h. 

Step #5: Wait and Rinse

When time is up, rinse your hair until the water runs clear.Rinse the cream on the hair with clean water, then wash it with shampoo (do not wash it for too long or rub the hair vigorously), and blow it dry


  Package Includes

1 * Hair Color Dye Kit

  Tips for preparing and mixing your hair color at home

  1. Follow all directions on the label and in the package
  2. Do a patch test on your skin every time before you dye your hair
  3. Keep hair color away from your eyes, and do not color your eyebrows or eyelashes - this can hurt your eyes and may even cause blindness
  4. Wear gloves when applying hair color
  5. Carefully follow directions in the package and don't leave the hair color on your head any longer than needed - keep track of time using a clock or timer
  6. Rinse your scalp thoroughly with water after using hair color
  7. Do not color your hair if your scalp is irritated, sunburned, or damaged
  8. Keep hair color out of the reach of children
  9. Wait at least 14 days after bleaching, relaxing, or perming your hair before using color
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